Claudia Cerna Consulting

The courage to evolve

Our values

We believe that the courage to change comes when we decide to follow our dreams

We believe that every experience enhances our learning and supports our evolution

We believe that thinking without acting is just thinking

We believe that self awareness of our thoughts, emotions and actions is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life

We believe that when we work on our strengths we can exploit our potential and minimize our derailers


We partner with individuals and Teams who courageously follow their dreams.

Our mission is to support who wants to evolve in finding their own answers and trailblaze their path to a meaningful life.

Through our coaching conversations, philosophical practice or systemic constellations interventions, our clients increase self-awareness, learn how to better manage their emotions and maximize the use of their talents.

At the end of their learning journey our clients meet their professional and personal goals and enrich their life.





Our certifications guarantee and demonstrate our expertise in the services we offer.

All our certifications are validated by renowned external entities.