Our offer

Human being are wired to evolve.

Some changes are spontaneous, others require reflection and commitment to become true.

Our offer sustain and facilitate the evolution.

We have a collaborative approach and aim at a full partnership with our clients, from the design to the implementation, to the measurement of results.

Executive Coaching

You might feel alone at the top of your organization or your function. The imperatives of the company put individual development and growth at the bottom and you stop your evolution.

In an Executive Coaching program you will find the answers to the questions that keep you awake at night.

The methodology based on maximizing your strengths and minimizing your derailers, will allow you be the captain of your destiny and to design the next chapter in your life.

Team Coaching

The set is more than the sum of the subsets. This simple mathematical rule applies well to Teams.

Tangible results, business goals and potential exploitation are the by product of a collaborative, accountable team.

Using a proven methodology (IRL or virtual) your Team will improve meetings’ effectiveness, and will change dysfunctional dynamics to maximize their full potential and reach challenging business goals.

HR Consulting

Organizational processes are effective when they enable an environment in which care for people and business needs are both met. This alliance facilitates individuals and teams to recognize and express their potential, maximize their contribution, and collaborate to reach the goals.

We believe that acquiring awareness on values, motivational drivers, skills and competencies are fundamental to individuals and organizational’s growth.

We work with organizations to establish a feedback and feedforward culture, to identify and measure talent and behaviours to maximize performance.

Systemic Constellations

Living systems are guided by the principles of balance, internal order and exchange.

In a Systemic Constellation session you can explore how you interact within a system (family, team, organization), what preferred roles you tend to take and how shifts occur when one of the system’s element changes.

Sessions can be done individually (as part of coaching) or in groups.

Graphic Recording and Facilitation

Images have the great power to simplify even the most difficult notions.

Since the beginning of the world the human race has used drawings to make sense of their world. Scribing is the universal language that speaks to our ancestral side, the one that transfers experiences and learning through drawings and stories.

Graphic facilitation or scribing, identifies the key words and core message of a speech and transforms them into a  logical flow of images and story.


Philosophical Consulting

What place as philosophy in organizations? How could the love of wisdom support Leaders and their teams?

Philosophical Consulting clarifies our “vision of the world, which is responsible for our thoughts and actions…” (Umberto Galimberti) with the aim to “take stance on our predefined positions” (Achenbach) so that we become more aware and effective when taking decisions.

Our philosophical consultants, drawing on Oscar Brenifier’s studies and practice, will teach you the techniques to master the art of reasoning without biases and preconditioned assumptions.